About me

My name is Charles Miller. My nickname is Chopper Charlie*.

I always planned on starting up a blog called Chopper and had the website address and WordPress all set up and ready to roll. Even published a tentative post or three. But then I procrastinated for years. Until now.

Like millions of other people, I was diagnosed with cancer. Stage 2 lymphoma in my case. Which is less than ideal, I am sure you will agree but hey, it fucking happened (and there is no return policy) so I am dealing with it in a way that makes sense to me.

By writing.

Hopefully reading it turns out to be less awful than battling cancer or having to watch The English Patient. Or fucking Castaway with Tom fucking Hanks, for that matter.

And hopefully I don’t die. So keep reading to see what happens.

* You might know the name ‘Chopper Charlie’ from my time as a founding member of the best Afrikaans blog in the universe Wat Kyk Jy? or as one of The Wedding DJs. Or not.

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